Pharmacovigilance; It is the study of the identification, evaluation and prevention of adverse effects of veterinary medicinal products and possible problems (effects, side effects and interactions in the target animal species).

Side effect studies have become as important as indications for drugs in the modern world, and these studies have been linked to rules by combining them as pharmacovigilance studies.

Pharmacovigilance consists of separate applications both in the development of raw materials and  preparations, all of which have been developed and supplied to the market. Drugs used for human health and applications in raw materials have also started to be applied in animal health, which is very closely related to human and food health.

As the aforamentioned is veterinary pharmaceutical, the definition of pharmacovigilance here is limited to collecting, reporting to authorized authorities and taking the necessary precautions regarding to unexpected and undesirable side effects. Usage in non-target species, acting against the recommended mode of use and dose are excluded from pharmacovigilance reporting.

We recommend you to read prospectus before using any pharmaceutical product.

Please contact with our pharmacovigilance team by filling out the form in case you encounter or suspect of any side or adverse effect.


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