Bavet was in Marmara Beekeeping Congress. Bavet İlaç supported Marmara Beekeeping Congress that has a very important role in Turkey’s Beekeeping with expert speakers from abroad and wide range of products.

5th International Marmara Beekeeping Congress organized by Uludağ Beekeeping Association, Uludag University Beekeeping Research and Development Center and Bursa  Bee Cultivators Union between April 4-6 was finalized successfully .Congress is achieved with the participation of national and international organizations and individuals.

Beekeeping, bee health, breeding, cultivation, bee biology, pollination, apitherapy, bee products, beekeeping equipment and so many headings were evaluated in the congress. Many oral and written presentations were submitted. Under the headings, besides expert scientist, speakers, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations and private sector representatives also expressed their own problems and suggestions for solutions. The technical and economical solutions for our country’s beekeeping and beekeepers were also discussed.


Bavet İlaç, which give great value to the beekeeping sector and serve the sector with very important products, was also among the companies that supported the congress in the 5th year. Bavet İlaç A.Ş. Medical Director, Prof. Dr. Adem Senünver expressed the following about the congress activities of Bavet İlaç: “5. Marmara Beekeeping Congress with The International Participation has been very efficient for us.

As Bavet, we imported many products from UK Vita Company to help the beekeepers cope with the challenges they encountered on field and produce healthier honey. We have APIGUARD and APISTAR for Varroa, B401 which is the natural solution for the honeycomb problem, VitafeedGREEN for bee feeding, VitafeedGOLD for nosema, swarm attarctant SWARM, American foul brood and EFB @ AFB, which is the European foul brood test diagnostic kit. Bee keepers have shown great interest in these products, which leave “(0) residue” in honey.

Our company has supported the 5th International Beekeeping Congress as a “Bronze Sponsor” because of its interest in beekeeping, and in order to make the congress more attractive Alexandros Papachristoforou was invited to congress.  He has delivered a beautiful and satisfying presentation regarding to developments in beekeeping in the world.”

Bavet İlaç Sales Manager stated that they hope the veterinarians would be interested in bee diseases and bee health products market, he also stated that “In the world, 65.4 million colonies and 1.5 million tons of honey are produced. While Turkey ranks 2nd after China, with about 5.6 million colonies presence, it ranks the 3rd after China and Argentina with 82 003 tonnes of honey production. While China is ranking the first with 46.4 kg, Turkey is ranked 6th with 17.8 kg yield per colony.

81 144 tons of honey is produced with 5.6 million colonies in Turkey. When we compare the data of World beekeeping with the data on honey production in Turkey, there seems an increase of 30% in colonial presence worldwide. There is an increase of %62 in honey production in Turkey. When we catch the world standarts in honey production per hieve, it means that studies related to healthy production is successful.

In the last 10 years, although the hive presence in our country has doubled as we have mentioned, it can be seen how much the efficiency of the 17 kilograms per hive is less when compared to the world. An example would be 64 kg per hive in Canada, 55 kg in Australia, and 40 kg in Hungary without going too far.

The low production of honey is one of the important issues and we should consider the reasons of it. The lack of technical knowledge of beekeepers, inadequate hive care hygiene, non-hygienic post-harvest hives and frames, the use of unconscious and random bee medicines in this area can be listed as the reasons for disrupting human health and bee hives.

Our company, which has determined that there is a gap in beekeeping field by evaluating this sector, has provided bee health products that leave zero residue in honey product to provide definite treatment of bee diseases.

The products imported from Vita in England have been made available to beekeepers. Providing healthy honey to people with two products against varroa ectoparasites, one for the seasonal diet of bees, other one in the treatment of nosema and swarm attractant will be our primary goal.