We were very pleased to see the participation of the Klivet Veterinary Society of Cardiology between 3 and 4 May 2012 in the Symposium on the Pet Animals held at Şile Gardens Hotel. In addition, the Symposium was important to enlighten the heart and heart diseases in pets and also attracted the intense attention of veterinarians.

The new products for pet animals offered by the participating companies was followed by veterinarians. Moreover, our veterinarian colleagues’ praise for our medicines made us even more proud. Our portfolio of wide range of pet products, especially Synovet, Spiramet, Basilazin, Anipracite and Wormtal Plus, is attracting attention and  using with pleasure.

As Bavet, we added new products to our portfolio under the name of Vetinov, Vet-Tasty and Easypill and the introduction of these products has been carefully examined by veterinarians. Especially Easypill cat tablets which makes it easy to swallow will make the veterinarians and pet owners job easier.

It is making us even more pleased to provide pharmaceuticals and feed additives to this area and to share the value we give to pet animals with our colleague. In the future, we will continue to work on innovative products that make life easier.