After a long break, we as Bavet İlaç, attended the VIV 2013 Exhibition, which was held in Yeşilköy, Istanbul Exhibition Center between 9-11 June 2013 with the participation of 124 domestic and 215 foreign companies. Having been returned to the poultry sector with a strategic decision last year, Bavet Ilaç has introduced the toxin-binding products as well as veterinary drugs in this area.

During exhibition, Amlan International officials and local sector representatives gathered at the Bavet stand and their presentations about our toxin-binding products were followed up with pleasure.With optimised in-vivo and in-vitro activities approved by NSF-HACCP and FDA-GMP compatible plants in Oil-Dri America, Amlan International; Calibrine A binds polar mycotoxin and Calibrin Z binds polar and non-polar mycotoxins in less than 2 minutes in the live digestive system and lowers the bioavaibility of toxins and also mnimize the harmfull effects of mycotoxines in poultry and livestock breeding.